The mission of the City of Franklin Third Ward Marshal's Office is to protect the municipal courts, municipal property and conduct operations as dictated by the City of Franklin's Third Ward City Court.  The strength of the Marshal's Office has always been unity among its entire staff.

Protective Service Program
Deputy City Marshals provide protective services to judicial officers, dignitaries and other person designated by the City Marshal, Command Staff and Mayor's Office. This protective service might call for deputies to facilitate this program in situations that fall under jurisdictional responsibility.

Contraband-Seizure Management
The Deputy City Marshals confiscate and inventory contraband found on persons entering the city courthouse, fugitives and persons violating the law.

Court Marshal Services
The Deputy City Marshals provide court marshal services for city courts, regulate and control the policing of the courtrooms, enforce all rules and regulations of the City Courts and utilize metal detectors and other security equipment. The Deputy City Marshals oversee the process serving of subpoenas, summons and writs.

Protection of City Government Property
Deputy City Marshals serve as full protectors of City government property and enforce all laws pertaining to City government property.

Custody and Transportation
Defendants are arrested, placed in the custody of Deputy City Marshals, escorted to a holding facility and transported to various detention centers.

Arrest and Warrant Services
The defendants are arrested by Deputy City Marshals, conveyed to the City of Franklin and a routine warrant search is performed. This search is performed to reveal any federal, state or city warrants against the defendant.