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Name Title Department Email Telephone
LeBourgeois, Corinne   Finance Department 337-828-6308
Autin, Chuck   City Council   337-578-2559
Barrilleaux, Chris   Recreation Department 337-828-6324
Bourgeois, Chuck Franklin Fire Chief Fire Department   337-828-6329
Bradley, Glynn Purchasing Agent Finance Department 337-828-6322
Bradley, Glynn   Public Works 337-828-6348
Daniels, Bernard Water Plant Manager Water and Sewer Department 337-828-6340
Foulcard, Eugene P Mayor Mayor's Office   337-828-6305
Garrison, Joseph H   City Council 337-578-2730
Guilbeau, Sr., Larry   City Council 337-940-3643
Hay, Edward City CFO Finance Department 337-828-6309
Ina, Kevin Human Resources Administrator / Payroll and Benefits Finance Department  
Leblanc, Karen   City Council 337-828-6310
Levine, Lester   City Council 337-578-4138
Maze, Glen Deputy Marshal Third Ward Marshal's Office    
Robison, Jaime   City Council 337-578-3040
Rogers, Tammy Administrative Assistant Mayor's Office  
Sanders, Calvin Sewer Treatment/Collection Manager Water and Sewer Department 337-828-6320
Smith, Jeremy   Public Works 337-828-6348
Verdin, Ed "Tiger" Public Relations Director Community Development 337-578-7114
Weidenboerner, Carla   Third Ward Marshal's Office    
Staff 1-21 of 21